Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A-list Style Conversation At The Bloody Mary Bar

J: Ooh, I love this dress. It's beautiful.(seen on Angelina Jolie)
S: I love it.
L:That's beautiful.
J: I really like Drew Barrymore's dress too.
S: I love her.
L: I know! I thought it was beautiful too.
J: I don't care for this dress on Anne Hathaway.
S:You don't? I love it. I think she looks beautiful. It's a mermaid cut.
J: I think the dress is pretty, I just don't like it on her. I don't like this color on her and it's not her usual style. I think it's too old lady. She needs a different color.
S: Well I think she looks beautiful.
 -45 minutes later -
S: I have to disagree with you. I think she (Anne) looks beautiful in this dress.
L: (silent)
J: Well that's okay, I disagree with you also. I really don't care for this dress on her.